Lynchburg, TN 37352, USA

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About Igniter Productions

A Musical Journey

Igniter Productions was founded in 2015 by Jonny Tucker Hill and Marshall Liles in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Jonny and Marshall are both educated entrepreneurs, with a strong background in business and a passion for music. Jonny and Marshall started Igniter Productions out focusing primarily on the music publishing and production of President Jonny Hill’s own musical works, but soon expanded to include the works of other talented writers and musicians. Igniter Productions provides services to songwriters in the music industry that do not know the workings of Nashville, bridging the gap on untapped talent in the country music industry. To date, Igniter productions represents over 11 different artists, and has a professional portfolio of over a 200 songs.  Igniter Productions is constantly growing and building its professional portfolio. Since inception, Igniter has expanded into music recording, copywriting, and also promoting the first ever Lynchburg Music Fest of Lynchburg, TN. Give Igniter Productions a call or send them an email if you are interested in having your music published or produced.